The best of Indonesian cuisine

Indonesia, the spice-islands cuisine

Indonesian food is strong in flavors, with a delicious array of fish, unusual vegetables and fruits, and minimal meat. But only the brave should sample the chillies!

The food of Indonesia is influenced by the culinary traditions of diverse nations such as China, India, the Middle East and Netherlands. In fact, Indonesia n cuisine is so varied that travelers can be assured of finding at least one dish that becomes a lifelong favorite.

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Balinese Gamelan

In Indonesia, gamelan music has always been the sound of everything civilised.

The term gamelan derives from gamel, an old Javanese word for handle or hammer, as most of the instruments in the orchestra are percussive. The interlocking rhythmic and melodic patterns found in gamelan music are said to originate in the rhythms of the lesung – the stone or wooden mortars used for husking rice.

Others ascribe the patterns to the chanting of frogs in the rice fields after dusk or the cacophony of roosters crowing at dawn.

No one knows exactly when the first gamelan orchestra came into being.

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The textile art of Batik

Batik is Indonesia´s renowed textile art, especially Javanese batik which is regarded as the world´s finest.

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We are all brothers and sisters

It was a warm and wet day on June 6th 2009 in Nias Island – Indonesia, one of the islands affected by tsunami in 2004. By that time I was on an exchange program for Rotary International called Rotary Youth Exchange Program (RYEP), being a young Brazilian ambassador in Indonesia for one year. I was there to learn their traditions, habits and culture, however, indeed I was learning with me, learning to be a better human and to foster my changemaker side.

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